Class Photos

 This page(still under construction) is for photos from classes and workshops. These are people who have enlightened me. I hope I have enlightened them. Where you see people they are class/workshop students. Where you see paintings they are the work produced by them in the class/workshop. I hope you (and they) enjoy these. I don't think they do this kind of intense, insistent work before they come into the class. I hope they keep it up when they return to their own studios. Click on the photo to zoom, "return" to get back to the page .


These artists were hard workers, fast learners and a terrific group of nice folks (See first two photos). The paintings you see here are not the befores, but the afters. As we went through all the boring (but absolutely necessary) exercises, some thought they weren't learning, but they were in spite of themselves! In fact, I believe they all found a completely new approach to color and what it could do for their art - witnessed here by these splendid color concepts done in the workshop. 

Thanks to all you great students! I'm glad you found your way. Keep it up!