Ken Austin, NWS, FWS

I have never taught a “typical” workshop - because there is no typical class. Each workshop is unique due to the locale, the student makeup, the model’s abilities, etc. I like the students’ individual attitudes and their willingness to explore new areas of expression. This only happens, I believe, when the teacher offers and expects new creative juices to flow.

I teach by offering solutions and suggestions of ways to IMPROVE a painting. I always tell my beginners that to paint in watercolor you must be fearless. The frailest and quietest of people surprise me with their strength in art - it never fails. My classes need beginners (who know the basics), as well as intermediate and advanced students hungry for more knowledge. The more advanced students need to see the beauty in paintings by those less experienced, and beginners need to learn how to analyze and learn from advanced work.

Finally,we have a lot of fun in my classes. I want students to enjoy these learning experiences. If they do, they’ll go home wanting to paint more than ever before. An awful lot of them tell me that’s just what they’re going to do!

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Workshops for 2017


                                                    ART LEAGUE OF DAYTONA BEACH                

                                                      April 6-8 , Daytona Beach, Florida  

Good design is the basis for all good art. It is what makes a painting appeal to the viewer, is required in the most basic steps in painting and continues with decision-making throughout to the final presentation. In this three-day workshop we’ll cover the spectrum of design in    2-D watermedia art (watercolor, acrylic on paper) with exercises to help you learn and understand the basis of design, how to see it as an artist, and how to use it in your work. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER, GO TO:

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