Student Comments

At the end of every workshop I like to hand out a questionnaire to evaluate my
effectiveness. It includes everything about what students liked and didn't like.
These are only a few of the many positive comments I've had in the returns.

I learned more in three days than in an entire semester with some others. The exercises were clear and concise, and the explanations of timeless lessons rang true, finally. You have opened up a brand new world of color and drawing for me. Thank you very much.”
William J. Batson, Jr.
Lexington, KY

"...MORE than met my expectations! I wanted to ‘get outside the box’ of what I’m doing. It was exciting and fun!”
Pat Wermuth
Tampa, FL

“I enjoyed this experience - no matter what level - you have helped us all!”
Genie Marsalas
El Dorado, AR

...Not only a fine artist, but an artful teacher. The balance of demo, lecture and practice was superb!”
Hunter McGuire,
Richmond, VA

“The assignments were great, the quick time frame was great. I’d like to have a longer workshop in that theme.”
Barbara McFarland
Dallas, TX

"I've taken many of Ken Austin's workshops and truly appreciate his respect for coaxing out each student's style. Some teachers want you to paint just like they paint; Ken is much more concerned with helping you find your own artistic path."
Chere Force
Orlando, FL